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Hiking Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good hope hike

Cape of Good Hope hike Not everybody is fortunate enough to explore the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Our Cape of Good Hope hike start on the Western shoreline of the Nature Reserve and cross over to the Eastern side of the peninsula offering breathtaking views of False Bay. In spring...
Cape of Good Hope walk

Cape Point to Cape of Good Hope walk

Cape of Good Hope walk The Cape of Good Hope walk starts from Cape Point car park. The first 200 meters of the gently downhill sloping walk lead along a broad sandy path. Ahead and below stretches the magnificent Dias Beach. The boardwalk turns the traverse from Cape Point to the Cape of Good Hope...
Cape of Good Hope nature reserve

Chacma Baboon

Chacma Baboon On the Cape peninsula the Chacma baboon are the only protected population of the species in the world. They mostly subsist on fruits, roots, bulbs, honey, insects and scorpions. During the low tide they may even be seen roaming the beaches, feeding on sand hoppers and shellfish – very...
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Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope The magnificent Cape Point Route is one of the great day tours from Cape Town, South Africa.It is also one of the most remarkable drives anywhere in the world and features steep cliffs, stunning vistas and plenty of sightseeing opportunities! The Cape Point route starts from Camps...


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African penguin at the Boulder colony

Did you know that penguins lived in South Africa? If your answer is no, then you’re wrong, because they definitely do. The African penguins at Boulders Beach are currently listed as an endangered species and their numbers have declined steeply over the years. To stop the decline, the penguin colony...
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Cape of Good Hope Tour

Cape of Good Hope tour Situated at the junction of two of earth's most contrasting water masses - the cold Benguela current on the West Coast and the warm Agulhas current on the East Coast , the Cape of Good Hope is popularly perceived as the meeting point of the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans...
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Stellenbosch, the Winelands

Stellenbosch Winelands The Cape Winelands Full Day Tour leaves Cape Town early morning and takes a scenic drive toward the Boland mountains. This is where to go if you want to explore the Cape Winelands. Our first stop is Stellenbosch Winelands, also known as the “City of Oaks”. Stellenbosch has...
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Chapman's Peak

The Chapman's Peak drive is a masterpiece of road construction re-opened in 2005 as a toll road, after being close for three years due to the threat of rock falls. The 9km stretch hugs the rocky coastline of the Atlantic seas and has a total of 114 curves!
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Cycling on Robben Island

An amazing experience it was! to have a guided cycling tour of Robben Island.
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Running free on Robben Island

Privilege to run on Robben Island the 10km circular route