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Cape of Good hope hike

Hiking Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good hope hike

Cape of Good Hope hike

Not everybody is fortunate enough to explore the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Our Cape of Good Hope hike start on the Western shoreline of the Nature Reserve and cross over to the Eastern side of the peninsula offering breathtaking views of False Bay. In spring spectacular flora and abundant birdlife are one of the many highlights as well as Whale watching.
After entering the Cape of Good Hope nature reserve, we will drive 15mn to the start of the hike. The Cape of Good Hope hike take you down South toward Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope. The hike is along the coastline on a scenic path with stunning beaches and spectacular cliffs and involve occasional rock scramble. You are almost bound to get very close to baboons. Following a stop at Cape Point and the old light house or return journey to the Cape of Good Hope most South Western corner of Africa will take you along a well-maintained and marked boardwalk to the famous Cape of Good Hope located on the rocky shoreline far below. The trail is popular for the unsurpassed views over the pristine Diaz Beach and rugged western shoreline. The hiking trail will take you all the way to the very end, the most southern point of the Cape Peninsula. A perfect photo opportunity.

Bartolomeu Dias shipwreck

Twelve years after his first rounding of the Cape, Dias fleet was cought in a terrifying storm of the Cape coast. Dias vessel sank taking him with her. The Cape he had claimed at last claimed him. One of the giants of antiquity who is responsible for the raging storms at the Cape is Adamastor, semi-god one of the Titans.

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