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African penguin

African Penguin South Africa

African penguin

African penguin on the run

The African penguin also known as jackass penguin derived his name from its call a nasal, donkey-like bray. The African penguin is confined to southern African waters. Small, black and white with pink skin above the eyes.

The African penguin body is streamlined which enable them to be efficient swimmers with a thick coat overlapping feathers that assists with waterproofing and insulation.

He commonly breed on islands, but there are two land-based colonies – one on Boulders Beach, near Simonstown, and the other on Stony Point, near Betty’s Bay. 

Male and female penguins look almost identical.

Small chick, newly-hatched chicks are blind and completely helpless. For the first 30 days of the chicks’ lives, the penguin parents protect and feed them.

Downy chick, the parents regurgitate fat- and nutrient-rich food for the chicks. This helps them to grow quickly.

Blues or juvenile, from about two to three months old, the chicks’ downy feathers are replaced with the blue-grey plumage of the juveniles.