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Cape Aguilas lighthouse

Cape Agulhas lighthouse The Cape Agulhas Lighthouse is situated at the southernmost tip of Africa. It was the third lighthouse to be built in South Africa, and the second-oldest still operating, after Green Point lighthouse. The desolate barren surrounding call to mind the hazardous sea voyages...
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Chacma baboon

The chacma baboon troops on the Cape peninsula are the only protected population of the species in the world. They mostly subsist on fruits, roots, bulbs, honey, insects and scorpions. During the low tide they may even be seen roaming the beaches, feeding on sand hoppers and shellfish – very unique...
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Good Hope nature reserve - Cape Point -

At the tip of the Cape Peninsula, lie the Cape Point nature reserve part of the Table Mountain National Park. Rugged rocks towering above the sea, Table Mountain chain streches from Signal Hill to Cape Point in the Cape Point nature reserve. A misconception is that the Cape of Good Hope is the...
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Hermanus the whales are back

Famous for their majestic nature and gargantuan size, the Southern Right Whale has always been a fascination for many. Their playful nature and rarity have made them a famous addition to the Cape Whale Coast between June and October every year. Thousands of whale-lovers arrive along the coast to...