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Cape of Good Hope

Cape Point Cape of Good Hope tour

Our sightseeing Cape of Good Hope day tour is a “must do” excursion when visiting Cape Town. It is one of Cape Town’s top ten tourist attractions and ranks with the most scenic drives in the world. The route from Cape Town down the Cape Peninsula is a circular route of approximately 180 kilometers...
Chapman's Peak drive

Cape of Good Hope Tour Chapman Peak drive

Cape of Good Hope tour Chapman Peak drive Until then only an arduous and precipitous footpath linked Hout Bay to Noorhoek. The Chapman Peak drive construction began in 1915 it took seven years to build it is cut into the cliff face of the mountain with numerous wonderful viewing sites. The highest...
African Penguin South Africa

African penguin

African penguin on the run The African penguin also known as jackass penguin derived his name from its call a nasal, donkey-like bray. The African penguin is confined to southern African waters. Small, black and white with pink skin above the eyes. The African penguin body is streamlined which...
Cape of Good Hope tour

Camps Bay the twelve Apostles

Camps Bay the twelve Apostles Camps Bay nestles at the foot of rock buttresses that the early settlers knew first as "Gable Mountains" and later only as the "Twelve Apostles":. Curious indeed as a thorough count of the buttresses would yield a total of eighteen..and they do not even have biblical...